How can we fix a flower so that water can reach the flower?

The children have been learning about how plants grow and how water is transported through the stem. The children were given flowers with broken stems and different materials that they could use to try and fix them. Once the children had finished, two flowers were put into food dye to see if it was transported through the stem to the flower.

How do plants to grow?

Year Three are starting their new Science topic this half term.  These are the things that they would like to learn:


“I want to know how the petals grow.”


“Can plants grow on the moon?”


“I want to know whether plants can live as long as us.”


“I want to know how tree trunks go hard.”


“I want to know how seeds form.”

Mohamed Farah

“I want to know how plants get out of the soil.’


“How do petals get their colour?”


“I want to know if seeds have food in them.”


“Do plants grow in the ocean?”


“I want to know whether plants can get a cold like us!”


“How do plants survive in the cold weather?”


“How do fruit and vegetables grow on plants?”


“How do plants catch the sun?”


“How do a trees’ roots come outside of the soil?”


“Can plants grow in a water tank?”


“Do plants grow in sand?”

Black History Day

Year Three learned about Mary Seacole as part of Black History day.  Using pictures of Mary Seacole, the children worked with their partners and took part in a rally robin activity to name some professions that they thought Mary Seacole might have belonged to.

Buraidah thought she might have been a doctor, Boshra thought she might have been a president and Adam thought she might have been a shop keeper.

After this, the children read information about Mary Seacole and worked out how long ago she must have lived when looking at dates. The children then fit important moments in her life onto a timeline.