How can we fix a flower so that water can reach the flower?

The children have been learning about how plants grow and how water is transported through the stem. The children were given flowers with broken stems and different materials that they could use to try and fix them. Once the children had finished, two flowers were put into food dye to see if it was transported through the stem to the flower.


This afternoon, Year Three have been thinking about feelings that they experience as well as how they might deal with their own feelings.  The children also spoke about how they might recognise good or not so good feelings in others.  The children then listened to the story, ‘The Tear Thief’ by Carol Ann Duffy ready for the next lesson.


In PSHCEe this week, we had a discussion about things that young children find difficult. The children thought of many things like staying healthy, learning to read, making friends etc.

The children had a discussion with their partner and decided to go with, ‘How to be healthy.’ and ‘How to help children speak English.’

The children worked with their shoulder partner to research their recommendations and to make a pic collage to share their work.